stone Travertine


Travertine is a form of limestone deposited by hot springs. travertine commonly contains vibrant ranges of colors & special specifications including layered, transparent texture & constant color. two cutting types use to create travertine tiles are the Vein Cut and the cross Cut. Vein cut describes the cutting process by which a cut is made against the bedding planes, or along the vein. This exposes the edge of the formation and gives the travertine tile a linear pattern. The Travertine cross cut is produced when the blocks are sawn in favor of the vein. here are a number of different finishes that can be applied on the stone surface, making different final appearance of stone such as polished, honed, semi-rubbed & aged. Due to presence of pores within travertines, it has a very fine adherence with the grout, this makes travertine stand against expansion and contraction for years. the common property of travertine & onyx stones is having book-match patterns within them, which make them very applicable for lobbies.

Variety of stones Travertine