Directory of technical reviews on various building stones and active factories in Iran


Considerations about Iranian stones in global electronic commerce

We began in 2015 and became a reference for manufacturers ' architectures and contractors

  • 1300+Active stone processing factories
  • 22000+Daily visits
  • 320+Building stone varieties

What is our vision?

Our vision is to be the best platform in stone world

What is our mission

Introducing and reviewing stone buildings scientifically to make an exhilarating experience for stone clients in all over the world

What are our values?

  • customer orientation

    We are by your side to introduce your brands and products to the world

  • innovation

    Continuously seeking for innovation not to be always one step ahead from the competitors

  • diligent and studious

    We are diligent and studious. passing over traditional concepts to offer new-fashioned methods is an arduous task we accomplished

  • Confidentiality

    Confidentiality is the motto we stick to it

  • education

    In the stone world changing constantly , education and development is a necessity


Welcome to Sangyab!

The Idea of Sangyab first came in to our mind in 2013 and after two years of remarkable effort , in 2015 , Sangyab was set up for the first time. We tired to be a directory of building-stones technical information in Iran ,so stone buyers would be able to attend Sangyab website and obtain desired information about various building stones and reach stone suppliers freely without Intermediary . in near future; everyone from anywhere who intends to purchase stone and search it on google, Sangyab will appear on the first page and offer all information they need