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Tehran Rey

CEO Mobile : +98 912 147 02 71
Factory Address : Tehran-No.4, 3rd Golshan St., Shamsabad,

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2,736 2019/06/09 - 11:43
Tehran Rey
Tehran Rey
Tehran Rey

Description Tehran Rey

Tehran Rey stone cutting factory is led by Mr.Mohamad Rasoul Ebrahimi having the most accurate measurement machines as well as professional staff in carving is able to provide a big variety of tools used in facades.stone producer of Travertine Abyaneh, Travertine Abgarm, Travertine Atashkouh, Marble Black Dehbid and Crystal AZna in No.4, 3rd Golshan St., Shamsabad, Tehran city , Iran

Tehran-No.4, 3rd Golshan St., Shamsabad,

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