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CEO Mobile : 0912 947 47 17
Factory Address : Tehran-8th Golbon St., Boostan Blv, Shamsabad,

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3MO Stone
3MO Stone
3MO Stone
3MO Stone
3MO Stone

Description 3MO

3Mo Stone Company in 1970 and established its activities in producing natural stone, decorative building began. The company with 40 years experience in processing Stones and experienced personnel to produce a quality product, and its primary goal is always looking for expansion and innovation in the field of activity. So could your brand name and as Best put in this category.
stonework of Threemo is led by Mr.Meisam Mokhtari, stone producer of Marble KhoyMarble KhobsanganTravertine Dareh Bokhari in 8th Golbon St., Boostan Blv, Shams Abad Induestrial City, Tehran, Iran 
Sangyab, the comprehensive guide to sale and buy the decorative and building stones, along with the analysis and application of stones, helps you to choose the best in the shortest time.

Tehran-8th Golbon St., Boostan Blv, Shamsabad,

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