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Limestone is a sedimentary rock, which due to the high lime has a high water absorption. it has also a low resistance to erosion which is better to use in places away from moisture and erosion. Installing on interior & exterior pavements is not recommended in no way. Limestone mostly comes in light colors. including its advantages is affordable price and texture consistency. The most practical area for installing limestone is in facades, staircases & parking lot specially in arid areas.

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Applications & uses of Stones Limestone

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Types of Limestone

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Limestone Bouzhan

Stone Name : Bouzhan Limestone

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Limestone Bukan Tramit

Stone Name : Bukan Tramit Limestone

Bukan tramit is very similar to cross cut travertines so that sometimes is sold as travertine stone in the market. It comes in light & dark cream colors & is suitable for outer facades as well as inner walls.

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Limestone Eslamabad

Stone Name : Eslamabad Limestone

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Limestone Kermanshah

Stone Name : Kermanshah Limestone

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Limestone Kouhsefid Qom

Stone Name : Kouhsefid Qom Limestone

Kouhsefid Qom marble is a bright color stone combined with fossil granules. It has a high water absorption & low abrasion resistance which makes it applicable for interior parts of the buildings which is not exposed to humidity. it can be supplied in polished & leathered finishes. Kouhsefid Qom quarry is located in Kouhsefid Rd. Qom city, Qom province.

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Limestone Mahabad

Stone Name : Mahabad Limestone

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Limestone Marvdasht

Stone Name : Marvdasht Limestone

Marvdasht limestone is a bright colored stone has a low porosity & can accept number of different finishes such as polished, leathered & bush hammered. Marvdasht limestone has a high water absorption which makes it inappropriate for pavements. to prevent water absorption and filth, it should be covered with nanomaterials when used in outer facades. Marvdasht limestone locates in Ghasemabad village, Marvdasht city, Fars province.

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Limestone Semirom

Stone Name : Semirom Limestone

Semirom limestone is an old Iranian stone quarried in Semirom city, Esfahan province. It is also considered as Marble too. It has a bright color background which can be supplied in polished, leathered & bush hammerd finishes & can be used for interior walls. its similarity to travertine stones as well as affordable price makes it a good substitute for bright color travertines.

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Limestone Silver Gohareh

Stone Name : Silver Gohareh Limestone

Silver Gohareh is a high graded stone quarried in Lorestan province which is equivalent to limestones produced in Europe & U.S.A. unique & beautiful color & pattern makes it suitable for interior designs. Exposing to sunlight will results in paleness gradually.

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Limestone Vanak

Stone Name : Vanak Limestone

Potentially Vanak Limestonestone is applicable for interior walls but its bright color, makes it an excellent option for exterior facades if covered by nanomaterials. It comes in cream, cream-beige, grey & fossiliferous colors & patterns which can be supplied in polished, tumbled & honed finishes. Vanak limestone is quarried in Vanak area, Semirom city, Esfahan province.

Stone Category

Applications & uses of Stones Limestone

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