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Granite is an igneous rock which forms from cooling & hardening of magma below Earth's surface. Granite is composed mainly of quartz, feldspar, mica, and other minerals. depending on their mineralogy Granites can be predominantly white, pink, or grey in color. Granite is a very hard stone and resistant to damage. The average density of granite is 2.65 g/cm3. Granite compressive strength is between 100 and 300 MPa & shows very low porosity, high resistance against heat & a water absorption which is usually under 1%. durability against heat and cold makes Granite a practical choice for places in which strength is of utmost importance such as, street pavements, sidewalks & docks as well as indoors spaces which are exposed to higher abrasiveness. These advantages make it a proper choice for official, commercial & educational buildings as well as public-use areas. Due to its low water absorption & slurry adhesion, using fixing tools for installation is necessary to avoid slippery.

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Types of Granite

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Granite Bahareh Zanjan

Mine Situation : Iran-Zanjan-
Stone Name : Bahareh Zanjan Granite
Similar Stone Names : Pink Zanjan Granite

Bahareh Zanjan granite is a hard stone with pink color background which is very similar to Khoramdareh Granite. Longitudinal dimensions are useful for both interior & exterior spaces while tiles can be installed on commercial, official & educational areas as well as joint constructions.  Cubic & flamed finishes makes it very applicable for landscaping & public pavements.

1,396 2019/12/15 - 15:39

Granite Baltic Brown

Stone Name : Baltic Brown Granite

2,718 2019/01/05 - 08:30

Granite Black Alamout

Stone Name : Black Alamout Granite

Alamout Granite is a black color stone combined with mixture of fine and coarse, beautiful white granules. Low water absorption, high resistance & uniform texture, makes it applicable for both interior & exterior spaces.

2,261 2019/01/05 - 08:29

Granite Black Chayan

Stone Name : Black Chayan Granite

4,940 2019/01/05 - 09:36

Granite Black Natanz

Stone Name : Black Natanz Granite

Black Natanz granite is a popular stone in construction industry. each grade has its special properties. Black Natanz Molayee granite with some shades & Natanz Hoseini granite with brighter & smoother color are examples of different types of Black Natanz granite. It’s an inexpensive stone comparing to other black granites. it is applicable for every parts of the building. applying flame finish, makes it suitable for pavements.

1,387 2019/01/05 - 08:28

Granite Black Serkan

Stone Name : Black Serkan Granite

Serkan granite is a dark black granite which is very similar to Twiserkan granite due to its color. Serkan granite is useful for every interior & exterior spaces & pavements.

1,129 2019/01/05 - 08:27

Granite Black Torbat

Stone Name : Black Torbat Granite

2,572 2019/11/26 - 16:05

Granite Black Twiserkan

Mine Situation : Iran-
Stone Name : Black Twiserkan Granite

Twiserkan granite is an expensive stone & has Smoothed & bold black color. the difference between Twiserkan & other black granites is lacrimal granules in Twiserkan pattern which is detectable below light. It is applicable for both interior & exterior spaces.

1,321 2019/12/15 - 15:29

Granite Blue Pearl

Mine Situation : Norway-
Stone Name : Blue Pearl Granite
Similar Stone Names : Blue Pearl Granite

1,185 2019/01/05 - 09:33

Granite Carmen Red

Stone Name : Carmen Red Granite

1,734 2019/01/05 - 08:37

Granite Firouzeh Mashhad

Stone Name : Firouzeh Mashhad Granite

Firouzeh Mashhad granite is a pseudo granite stone with stunning & unique motifs in a turquoise blue context combined with golden veins. One of the advantage of Firouzeh Mashhad is its popularity for interior designs in slab dimensions. Firouzeh Mashhad can’t take a good polish.

3,861 2019/12/15 - 15:58

Granite Forest Green Birjand

Mine Situation : Iran-southern Khorasan-birjand
Stone Name : Forest Green Birjand Granite
Similar Stone Names : Forest Courtly Granite

Green Forest Birjand has numerous quarries that each has different colors & patterns including Green Watercolor Birjand, Olive-Green Birjand, Forest Spider Birjand & Lemon-Green Birjand. low water absorption makes it applicable for places with high humidity.

1,267 2019/12/16 - 09:38

Granite Green Ardestan

Mine Situation : Iran-Esfahan-Ardestan
Stone Name : Green Ardestan Granite

Green Ardestan granite has a light green color background combined with small granules & some white veins. Flamed types are useful for outer pavements. Green Ardestan is quarried in Ardestan city, Esfahan province..

154 2019/12/16 - 10:24

Granite Green Yazd

Mine Situation : Iran-Yazd-
Stone Name : Green Yazd Granite

5,650 2019/12/15 - 16:07

Granite Khoramdareh

Mine Situation : Iran-Zanjan-
Stone Name : Khoramdareh Granite
Similar Stone Names : Chocolate Khoramdareh Granite,Elephantly Granite,Golden Khoramdareh Granite

Khoramdareh Granite exist in numerous quarries that each have their own specific color spectrum. It also can be found in different names in the market including Chocolate Khoramdareh, Golden Khoramdareh & Shelly Khoramdareh. Some of the Khoramdareh granites are porous. it is useful for both interior & exterior facades, official & commercial areas & for outer pavements in flamed finish..

2,115 2019/11/27 - 13:07

Granite Light Green Birjand

Mine Situation : Iran-
Stone Name : Light Green Birjand Granite
Similar Stone Names : Lettuce Stone,Lettuce birjand,Lettuce granite

Light Green Birjand stone has a pale green color combined with yellow and white halos. it is one of the most popular stones among constructors and architects and is often exported to the European countries in form of tiled or rock. Light Green Birjand has a very low water absorption, high resistance & can take a good polish which makes it suitable for crowded places such as metro stations & terminals. It is a good choice for inner & outer design.

220 2019/11/27 - 12:26

Granite Magma Black

Mine Situation : Brazil-
Stone Name : Magma Black Granite

1,414 2019/01/05 - 08:43

Granite Maple Red

Stone Name : Maple Red Granite

Maple Red Granite is a none-local stone which belongs to China. Maple Red is a parenteral stone; the color is injected for more beauty & uniformity but it will fade in sunlight exposure.

1,985 2019/01/05 - 08:44

Granite Maragheh

Stone Name : Maragheh Granite

3,774 2019/01/05 - 08:44

Granite Morvarid Mashhad

Stone Name : Morvarid Mashhad Granite

Morvarid Mashhad is one of the low-priced Iranian stone with a grey color background combined with white & shelly black granules. It is useful for parking lots & interior walls. Flamed & cubic finishes make it suitable for outer pavements. Due to its High water absorption, in case of using in exterior spaces, it absorbs a large amount of water while raining which causes to discoloration & will take a few days to return to original color.

9,743 2019/01/05 - 08:47

Granite Nehbandan

Stone Name : Nehbandan Granite

Nehbandan granite has granules much larger than White Natanz, Boroujerd & Zahedan granites. it has several color spectrums that each have their own specific name such as Astan Nehbandan, Cream Nehbandan, Cream-Orange Nehbandan, Salas Nehbandan & Shaghayegh Nehbandan. It’s quite hard stone & has a low water absorption. Nehbandan Granite can be used for both interior & exterior facades as well as official & commercial buildings pavements. Flamed Nehbandan granite is suitable for outer pavements.

1,480 2019/12/15 - 15:47

Granite Peach Red

Stone Name : Peach Red Granite
Similar Stone Names : Peachy Granite

Peach Red Granite is imported from china in both tiled & rock. It has two different patterns combined with both fine and coarse flower shape structures.

2,440 2019/01/05 - 08:49

Granite Peachy Taibad

Stone Name : Peachy Taibad Granite

Peachy Taibad Granite is a chocolate colored stone with large granules which is very similar to Non-local granites in quality & can be a good substitute for them. Low water absorption, high resistance & low porosity are of its outmost characteristics. It is applicable for facades, official & commercial buildings & joint constructions in residential buildings.

1,105 2019/01/05 - 08:49

Granite Pink Shokoufeh

Stone Name : Pink Shokoufeh Granite

2,342 2019/01/05 - 09:21

Granite Pink Zanjan

Stone Name : Pink Zanjan Granite

Pink or peachy Zanjan granite has a low porosity & relatively low water absorption. it’s a proper substitute for Maple Red granite & very useful for every interior & exterior parts of the building.

1,270 2019/12/15 - 16:13

Granite Pomegranate Seed Birjand

Mine Situation : Iran-southern Khorasan-birjand
Stone Name : Pomegranate Seed Birjand Granite
Similar Stone Names : Dane Anari Birjand Granite

Birjand Granite has a dark green texture combined with red granules similar to pomegranate seeds that can be used in both interior & exterior designs. Birjand Granite has a very low water absorption & high pressure resistance.

1,092 2019/01/05 - 08:55

Granite Poppy Nehbandan

Stone Name : Poppy Nehbandan Granite

1,440 2019/01/05 - 09:21

Granite Red Ardestan

Stone Name : Red Ardestan Granite

Red Ardestan granite is a dark red middle-graded stone combined with large granules & dark shades. it doesn’t have a good adhesion with grout & should be restrained by fixing tools.  Red Ardestan granite is suitable for interior & exterior walls.

253 2019/11/05 - 15:47

Granite Red Rainbow

Stone Name : Red Rainbow Granite

622 2019/01/05 - 09:24

Granite Red Tabas

Stone Name : Red Tabas Granite

1,883 2019/01/05 - 09:27

Granite Red Yazd

Stone Name : Red Yazd Granite

Red Yazd granite is a high grade stone with variegated light to dark color spectrum combined with small granules, white veins & sometimes faded black shades. it has a low water absorption; high pressure resistance & can take a very good polish. Red Yazd granite is suitable for both interior & exterior facades as well as pavements.

730 2019/01/05 - 09:27

Granite Shahin Dezh

Stone Name : Shahin Dezh Granite

671 2019/12/15 - 15:34

Granite Sprakhan

Mine Situation : Iran-
Stone Name : Sprakhan Granite
Similar Stone Names : Sprakhun Granite

Sprakhun is a pseudo granite stone with greyish pink color background & cannot accept a good polish. It’s an ancient stone which can be found in ancient relics of west-north of Iran. It is applicable for stone curbs, foundation, landscape pavement &…

1,438 2019/12/15 - 15:50

Granite Tan Brown

Mine Situation : India-
Stone Name : Tan Brown Granite
Similar Stone Names : Tan Brown Granite

Tan brown Granite quarry locates in India & comes in two dark & light brown colors.

2,806 2019/12/16 - 10:28

Granite White Boroujerd

Mine Situation : Iran-Lorestan-
Stone Name : White Boroujerd Granite
Similar Stone Names : Joukar Boroujerd

White Boroujerd or Jokar granite has a grey color background which is very similar to White Natanz & White Takab granites in appearance. It has a relatively high water absorption & is applicable for every interior & exterior spaces, especially public places & exterior pavements in flamed finish.

5,794 2019/01/05 - 09:30

Granite White Natanz

Stone Name : White Natanz Granite

White Natanz Granite is one of the most popular stone in construction industry. It has a several multiple mines adjacent to each other with different color, appearance & technical properties. It has a uniform texture often combined with white veins & black glands. Flamed types are allowed in facades, interior & exterior floors & pavements while cubic types are useful for landscaping structures. White Natanz quarry locates in Natanz-Kashan Rd, Isfahan province.

3,667 2019/12/16 - 10:38

Granite White Takab

Mine Situation : Iran-West Azerbaijan-Takab
Stone Name : White Takab Granite

White Takab granite is a stone with a white color background combined with black & grey granules which is very similar to other granites that has cotton flowers shapes such as Boroujerd, White Natanz & Zahedan. Polished types are applicable for every interior & exterior spaces specially for public areas & flamed finish makes it suitable for exterior pavement.

2,202 2019/12/15 - 16:36

Granite Zahedan

Mine Situation : Iran-
Stone Name : Zahedan Granite
Similar Stone Names : Balouch Granite

White Zahedan granite is one of the brightest stone amongst other cotton flower shape granites & is a little brighter than White Natanz. it has a regular granulation tissue, low water absorption & high resistance. It is applicable for every interior & exterior parts in polished & flamed finishes.

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